Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family First

Growing up playing sports, I have always been pushed by my father to do the best I can, my mother was always there for the support! I watched all my siblings grow up playing sports, my oldest sister played volleyball and went to a small school in North Carolina to continue playing, my brother played hockey and was on the club team at Purdue University, and my other brother played hockey and soccer in high school but in college concentrated on his major, architecture. My sister and I were committed to volleyball whether it was our high school team or club team, and my parents drove us all over the U.S. for tournaments, games, etc.

Throughout my years of sports my family has always been the people I turn to first. I have always looked to my parents and siblings for advice and as I grow older I learn more about what family means to me. They are the people that you call when you have a bad day or a bad practice, and the people that will be there for you know matter what happens in life.


  1. I agree that no matter what happens blood runs thicker than water. Its a corny saying I know, but it is true. No matter what family is there when you fall in order to help you back up again. Whether it is in sports or anything family is one of the strongest support systems there is.

  2. Family ties are the strongest, no matter what you do your family will always love you. It is nice to always have that cushioning you when you fall, because some friends may ditch but you will always have family. Before I went to college I never understood how much my family meant to me, but being away from them and realizing how much I drawl off of them all the surprisingly shocked me. It’s in very small amounts but it helps you through the day. My younger sister, I drawl off of her energy. My older sister, I vent out some of my anger too, my mom was there for making me smile, and my stepdad is there to have a guy in the house. Family means everything.

  3. I totally agree. I played basketball in high school and I always loved it when my family came to cheer me on. And it was special when my younger sister played with me too. We had practices together, which gave me the opportunity to help her better her game. And I don't know if it was for you, but I know it was so much more meaningful when they had to travel for the game or rearrange their schedules. I think that it is so cool that your family travelled all over the country, not just the state, for your games. Family is the best support team you can ever have.