Monday, April 20, 2009

How would you rate your '08-'09 college year?

School is running out the summer will be here before we know it! Part of me can't wait for summer but the other part of me goes back to the fact I will be at school all summer, training and taking summer classes. Although I will be home for the month of May, it will be hard not to be home for the whole summer.

Now that my freshmen year is winding down, I have started to recieve the common question as to how I would rate my freshmen year in college on a scale from one to ten. If this applied to volleyball I can honestly say it was in the nine/ten zone. Although im sure if I was asked this question before a 5:45 am workout I would have rated it a ZERO, but overall my freshmen volleyball experience has been great.

When it comes to school, I can say that my classes were not too bad, I have had a pretty light schedule which has been great. A few tough classes have kept me on my toes but overall I think my parents will be proud when they see my grades. Rating school would probably be a seven because I can't say I love waking up early to go to class or staying up late to finish homework. So school will remain average in my book!

Knowing my thoughts on volleyball and school, the only thing left to rate is the fun I have had during my first year in college, which I can say is a nine. I am only saying it is a nine because you can never have too much fun! Which is true an the song by Daryle Singletary can tell you that as well.

I think it is important to reflect on your years in college and know what you liked and what you didn't. Who you enjoyed hanging out or who you absolutely could not stand hanging out with. This is something that will teach you more about yourself and the things you enjoy doing and the people you like to spend time with.
This is my last blog unfortunately, thank you everyone for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. There are so many things that have happened this year, if you sit and try to remember everything. That's awesome you had a good year. And yes, if I had 5:45 workouts, it would be a 0 if not a negative. :)
    I really enjoyed reading your blog this semester and getting to know some of the things student athletes have to do. You have a ton of interests and it was evident that although volleyball is important, family is too.
    Thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your life!

  2. Things at college have been amazing. I went from being this really nerdy high school kid who's life was just centered around studying to this person who realized, "Hey, I need friends too" and that there's so much more to life than academics. I think that this year has been truly one of the best years of my life so far.