Monday, April 6, 2009

Poor Bunny

I bet everyone in college is excited for Easter, I know I am, I get to go home. And although it will only be for one night, I can't wait. I am dedicating this blog to poor bunny that will not be celebrating Easter this year.

A couple days ago I was at some friends house ready to leave when the guys noticed a bunny outside and thought they should grab their guns to "take care" of it. Of course, the bunny didn't do anything wrong and was just out for an evening stroll, the boys ran outside with the gun in their hand. I stayed inside, discussed at the thought they would kill an innocent rabbit.

The first two boys shot at it and missed, thank goodness, but the last boy actually hit the bunny. They went over to get the bunny and it was still breathing. At this time I was heading out to the car with my friend to leave and I noticed the suffering bunny. I said to the boys, "you all are so mean, what is the point? and now the bunny is suffering!". One of the kids then picked up his foot and held it above the bunny (I thought he was just kidding around, he wasn't) he slammed his foot down on the bunny killing it.

I could not believe my eyes. It was a horrible sight and I instantly got a stomach ache. The rest of the night I could not believe them, how mean! One of the boys ended up taking the bunny home and was later going to eat it, but I didn't think it was worth it.

I feel bad for this poor bunny and hope that it is happy where it is now, celebrating Easter in heaven.


  1. I don't think you should hang out with these people. Whether they did it to get a reaction, or because they enjoy killing small, furry things... it's sick.

  2. That's horrible! I can't believe that someone would do something that cruel and heartless. The poor, little bunny didn't even do anything to them at all, and they went outside and killed it. It would have made me sick to my stomach, too, if I had seen this happen. The bunny didn't deserve to die like that. And then one of the boys was going to take it home and eat. Ick.

  3. That is just awful! I mean, it's one thing to put a suffering animal out of its misery, but to kill a poor innocent animal just for fun, that is crossing the line. I raised rabbits for several years, and we had many of them get injured. Mostly it was that they would get scared, jump wrong, and break their back. There was nothing we could do for them then. At this point, it was better for my dad to go out and kill them rather than them scoot around their cage for the next couple of weeks til they died on their own. I couldn't be around when he did this, so I don't know what I would have done if I had seen those boys torture that rabbit the way they did.