Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When You Want to Know!

Have you ever wanted to know something so bad it just frustrates you to think about it. Well that's the exact position that I am in right now. It starts with a person that knows two others and finds out something and tells one of them leaving the other not knowing the "source". Confusing right?

One of my classmates wrote a blog about gossip, saying those who gossip with you will gossip about you. Which is a good point. There are many people, and I will not say girls because there are boys that do it as well, that love to gossip. It makes them feel like they are better by putting another person down. When in reality I believe that the reason they are gossiping is because they have nothing better to do. Although my problem is not really about gossiping it is more about people thinking they know things and me having no idea where they came up with it or who told them.

The worst part of my problem is that I have no idea who did it. I mean I have a general idea but not a definate answer, which bothers me. Not that knowing will do anything for me, I just want to know.

I know I am making a big deal over nothing, and I will stop worrying about it now, but it is something that bothers me and maybe others when they just want to know something that they can not figure out!

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