Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 09'

Spring break, the greatest time of the year, is now over. It is hard to come back to school after a whole week off. Students are trying to get back into the routine of getting up early and going to every class. Most people either went to Florida or went home, from the responses of my friends.
I actually was one of the many that spent last week in Florida. I had a great time and enjoyed the time off of school and volleyball. I went with one of my very good friends that I have mentioned before in my blog, Katie. Katie and I get along very well and even if we are in the worst situation, most of the time we make the best of it.

Our first couple of days were spent on Clearwater beach, we had a hotel and enjoyed the fact of eating, sleeping, and laying out all day. After a couple days in Clearwater, we traveled about 2 hours to an island my sister, Liz, was staying on. She rented a house that was 2 blocks from the beach and had its own pool. Spending the day with her was a great time. We went to the beach for most of the day, but it was just nice to see Liz.

The next couple days Katie and I visited her aunt in a small town. She lived on a boat so we got to ride on that although you couldn't go in the water, there were snakes and alligators. The last day we visited her cousin who is a baseball player and had a tournament around Orlando. We spent the day at the pool and before we knew it, it was time to head home.

It is never easy coming back to school after being at the beach, but the weather has been great here so I can't complain. I had a great spring break and look forward to spring break next year!

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  1. Your Spring Break sounds like you had an awesome time! I love Florida! I've never been to Clearwater beach, but I've heard good things about it. The only beach I've been to in Florida is Cocoa Beach and I loved it! Unfortunately, I didn't go anywhere on Spring Break this year, but I really want to next year. I'm sure I'll end up going to a beach somewhere because I love them so much.