Monday, March 2, 2009


I have never been a good decision maker. Although I did make the best decision to attend the college I chose to attend, in which I am happy with my decision. Right now the decision I have been focusing on is my major. It is never easy to pick something that you plan on doing for the rest of your life.

As of right now I am planning on getting a degree in business/management. I would love to grow up and run a business. Although, I can't say that I am certain that it is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I enjoy communicating with people and can see my self in a position where I talk to people everyday. Of course the thought of coaching volleyball as crossed my mind, but I do not think coaching would be fun for me. It would be hard for me to watch volleyball and not be able to play or help out a team, I think that it would be very frustrating.

My mom is a dietitian and my dad is a financial planner, both my sister and brother have a degree in business and my other brother is studying to be an architect. I wouldn't mind working in a bank like my sister and brother did, but I do think that it may become boring after a couple years.

Choosing a major is no an easy thing to do, and I give a lot of credit to the people that get lucky enough to stick with their major and love what they do. I would always ask my dad if he like what he does and his response was always, "I don't necessarily love what I do, but I like what it allows me to do". Which is a good point, people say that it is hard to find a job well liked, that pays well but if you enjoy what the job lets you do, then it will be worth everything you put into it.


  1. I add a hearty YES! There are so many different things out there to major in. It's worse when you have varied interests. I finally picked a major after almost 2 years of looking. My problem was I didn't want to do anything all the time and ruin my love for it.
    My suggestion is to find something you enjoy doing, but allow for time to do volleyball or other hobbies you have. You might not enjoy your job all the time, like your dad said, but you will have something to look forward to when work is done. Good luck on figuring it out! Don't stress too much about it. You'll find it.

  2. I think i am a pretty good decision maker(not to float my own boat or something) i am not saying i am perfect or anything. When i make a decision i usually stick with (maybe because i am stubborn) unless someone shows me a good reason why it is wrong. I dont think i will change my major at all unless i go into a more specific type of biology. My father is a lawyer and i could never ever in a million years do something like that. My mom is a realitor and i wouldnt like that either. I like science and thats what i am sticking too.

  3. I am not a good decision maker either. My parents were kind of worried when I got my driver's license because it can involve many quick decisions. They weren't sure if I could handle it.

    I agree that it is really difficult to decide on a major. I am currently not happy in the major I am in. I find it very frustrating and complicated, and I can't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. The reason that I'm still there is because I don't know what to change to. Hopefully you and I can both decide on something that we will enjoy.

  4. I have noticed that picking a major Freshamn year is over-rated. Unless you know you want to go into a proffesional school, I believe we have plenty of time to decide what we want to do witht the rest of our lives. They say the average college student changes there major 3 times. I know I have alreday changed mine that many.

    It is definitley a decision that takes a great deall of thought; however, I also believe that as long as you pick what you love, or can get something out of it you love life will be good.