Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Season

This past weekend my team played in a tournament in Chicago. We didn't do as well as we hoped but we were there to get better and find things we needed to work on, and we did that. In college there is a fall season and a spring season for volleyball. Of course, the fall season is the main season and spring is the time to get better.

In the fall our main opponents are the other big ten schools and that is when what we work for all spring and summer comes out on the court. Many more people come to the games and the rankings are made by how well your team plays. In the spring, the team is usually smaller because of the seniors that left the team, and the incoming freshmen are not training with the team yet. In the spring it is all about getting better and developing a good connection with your teammates before the freshmen come and before fall.

During spring season, our team plays in 4 tournaments. Depending on how many people are at the tournament will determine the amount of games we will play. For example we played 4 games this past weekend.

So far I have really enjoyed our spring season. Although with the training, long practices, and workouts, it can get very tiring, I have enjoyed the attitude of the team. Don't get me wrong I love the fall season, but it is nice to have this time in the spring when things are more laid back.

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  1. I thought this was pretty interesting because I didn't really know that teams still competed in their off season. I figured you still practiced but didn't travel.

    It's cool that you get to compete against different schools during different season. I know I prefer to fence new teams every so often because it gives you and your team new challenges to overcome and new styles to adapt to.

    Although the fencing team doesn’t really have a typical season, I too have found difference in the fall semester and spring. The fall seems to be more team oriented whereas the spring semester deals more with how someone performs without their team. I haven’t really decided which I like better, but like your spring season the first half of our season is more laid back which is always nice.

    Good luck in your future seasons!