Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Time

I very rarely make it to the movie theatre's often, although, I recently went to see a movie with one of my good friends. We actually went to the theatre to see, He's Just Not That into You, but considering it was its first night showing, the tickets were sold out. So we ended up seeing Taken. I'm not one that enjoys scary movies, so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. The movie was intense but has become one of my favorites. The title made me get the impression that it was scary but it wasn't.

I have never really liked watching action movies. I tend to stick to the sport movies and "chick flicks". One of my favorite movies is Miracle. I have loved that movie from the time it came out. My brothers were both hockey players, my sister and I went to most of their games and enjoyed following the team to their tournaments. I think hockey is a fun sport to watch! The movie, Miracle, is a very inspirational story about a hockey team and their struggles to success.

Another one of my favorite movies is called, Dreamer. It is about horse racing, and a father and daughter with a dream that their injured horse will someday race again. Like Miracle, this story has similar struggles and determination.

This last movie that is probably my most favorite is Made of Honor. About a boy and a girl that have always been close friends, but when the girl is gone on a long trip, he realizes he loves her. When she gets back, he can't wait to tell her but is surprised at the fact that she brought home a fiance.

Throughout the rest of the movie he is trying to prove to her that he is the right man for her.I enjoy watching movies, although I don't watch them often. It is hard to find time to watch a movie, because when I am not playing volleyball or doing homework, I am probably sleeping.

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  1. Haha! I have to admit Made of Honor is such a hilarious movie! I love how he does all the things a maid of honor is supposed to do. I laughed so hard in it.
    Thanks for the heads up about Taken. I've been wanting to see it too.
    It sounds like you have a very wide interest range for movies. That's a good thing since there are so many good ones out there. And I definitely agree about not having time for movies all the time. :) Hope you get time for some other movies as the semester progresses.