Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I miss high school. There are so many thing that I miss that I never thought I would. One of them being leaving the school. I went to a pretty big high school and after school there would be kids playing football in the parking lot or just standing around talking. My sister and me were never really on time to school so we would have to park in the lot furthest from the building. Classes were never really too hard, and by senior year, we were known well enough that we were trusted by most of the school staff.

In volleyball I miss the games, my position, and practices. The games were awesome! Although we never really had many fans, the people that meant the most to me were always there. I played a different position than I do now, and I really liked that position, although I am also happy where I am playing now. I was an outside hitter, I never really focused on placing the ball I just went up hand hit with all my power. There were two games that I always looked forward to, our arch rival and the school where one of my good friends played. Many fans showed up to the game when we played our rival school, so that was probably the game I looked forward to the most.

Sense my closest friends were teammates, I was always was excited for practice. Although at times practice was tough, it was nothing compared to now. The girls on my high school team were the girls I had the most fun with. Whether it was going to a football game together or waking up for 6:30 am workouts, we were a great bunch of girls that could have fun no matter what!

Another thing I miss from high school, is not having to worry about so many things. Yes, there was school and volleyball that I worried about, but that is nothing compared to what I worry about now. Days would be fun, seeing my friends at school, going to practice, and driving home. Never wondering what I will make or buy for dinner because my mom would always have a nice cooked meal at home waiting for me. It is hard for me to accept that I am not in high school anymore and it makes me sad to think about it.

Those are more of the drastic things I miss. I mean of course I miss my house, my bed, and my truck. I pretty much miss everything from home. When this topic comes up with friends they are always so confused as to why I miss high school so much. I don't really know why I do, and many people say that college is supposed to be the best years of your life, but it will be, I just don't think I have fully adjusted yet. I'm still not sure how long it takes to adjust to being on "my own" but I'm sure it will come someday, just hopefully not too late.


  1. I don't really miss highschool at all. Most of my close friends came t purdue. I still play soccer on a regular basis(thats what i played in high school). I went to a medium sized high school. A lot of people in my grade were Douch bags and would start arguments and drama for no reason and i would have to spend all day listoning to it. It got really annoying when "did you here so and so did such and such" like 20 times throughout the day. I feel like in college you have a better core group of freinds, but thats just me. If i had the same expierences as you did i would most likely want to go back, but i didnt really like my high school all that much.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I'm not missing much from high school. I became a totally different person in college, and that's okay with me. I made amazing friends here and met my current boyfriend here. :) Here in college, every one is (relatively) more mature, and none of those annoying freshman straight from middle school to deal with! Then again, you've had a lot of good experiences there. I was more of the recluse who did nothing but study all day. But I agree with you about missing home, my own bed, and the like. I always love coming home and snuggling on my bed and eating my mom's food.

  3. I'm glad you had such a good experience in high school. I went to a really small high school and played basketball. I can definitely understand your feelings about togetherness with friends from your team and friends from other teams. I think that there will always be things we will miss about high school. I struggle with missing stuff too, but I have to remember that I can add to those memories, not replace them.
    Thank you for your post. It was very heartfelt and I appreciated your thoughts.