Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Spring Break 08, would have to be my favorite vacation EVER! This trip consisted of me, my sister, my parents, and my friends Abby, Ashley, and Sara. Oh, and the beach of course. The vacation began in our good ole hometown, where we drove to a nearby airport. The plane took off around 8:30 in the morning which put us in Florida around 11.

The first day was spent at the beach, it was very windy, blowing sand in our mouth and eyes. The next day we were smarter and layed at the pool, which is where we ended up for the rest for the break. We had friends that came to visit us and spend the day at our condo. We designated one of the days to go to Disney World, where we met two other friends from our high school. It was fun to spend time with them, and we enjoyed going on the rides.

At night we would catch a bus into town and spend time in shops and resturants. One of the nights after the girls and I finished getting ready to go out, we walked outside and it started pooring down rain. There was absolutely no reason for us to get ready to go out because the moment we had stepped outside we were drenched. We still decided to wait for the bus, which ended up never coming. As we waited, one of our high school friends drove by heading in the direction we wanted to, so we called him and he gave us a ride. I know, crazy that a high school friend would randomly drive by on the same island we were on. But its not that unusual, I went to a very big high school, and for spring break, most of the kids when to a relatively similar destination.I don't remember how we got home that night, Im guessing my parents came to get us, because the walk would be way too long.
The last day of vacation was sad, like they always are. We hated the thought of leaving all our fun to go back to the cold weather and school, but we will carry the memories with us forever. I am looking forward to spring break '09, about 2 weeks, but until one can top '08, it will continue to be known as the best spring break ever!

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  1. Ahh vacations are so relaxing and it is so nice to get away from the regular grind for a while, especially if you are with a ton of your close freinds. Spring break is also my favorite break. Although im not going anywhere this spring break i have gone quite a few places in the past. Which have all been a great time. I cant wait for spring break this year so i can have a week off school and just sit back and relax for a little bit. Every body needs a little good R and R here and there.